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Air/Gas Filtration and Compressors

Compressors draw in millions of particles of contamination with the air such as dust, moisture, microorganisms, toxic gases etc., which need to be filtered out prior to use. Inlet compressor filters can retain only a small fraction of these contaminants, so that most of them remains in the compressed air. Moreover, the output air is also burdened with oil droplets from the compressor and the air intake.

Filtration is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to solve equipment fouling problems caused by pollutants in compressed air or technical gases.

We offer a complete line of Zander air filter cartridges with up to 60% longer service life, as well as high quality housings with a 10-year warranty. Zander cartridges can also be used as a replacement for other manufacturer's filters.  We recommend Zander products as a cost-efficient solution for virtually all your air filtration needs.

A wide range of specialized air filtration cartridges and housings with 15 to 18,000 scfm flow rates includes:
► Stainless steel housings;
► High pressure (up to 6090 psig) aluminium housings;
Steam and sterile filters;
Replacement cartridges for other manufactures' filters.

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