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Air Dryers

On a summer day (25C, 60% humidity) about 1.3 litres of condensate may accumulate for every 100 m of compressed air. Depending on the compressor or oil type the condensate can be acid up to pH 4 or basic up to pH 8.

Insufficient treatment of compressed air leads to the build-up of aggressive condensate that causes inefficiencies within the piping systems, pressure vessels and can lead to a corrosion and the failure of an expensive equipment.

We offer a range of dryers which eliminate problems associated with wet untreated compressed air and meet the needs of various production settings. Please choose links below to view a particular product group.

Product Description / Benefits
Refrigerated Air Dryers
Arctic Star AS Series Specially designed for heavy-duty applications with flow range 125 - 3000 scfm. Come with zero air loss automatic drain.
ASD Series For applications with flows 5 - 100 scfm. Offers an average pressure drop of only 1.45 psig reducing operating costs by almost half as compared with traditional dryers.
ASC Series Energy saving cycling dryers for flows 125 - 1000 scfm.
ASV Series Energy saving variable operation dryers for flows 1200 - 2400 scfm.
Ecostar RD Series For small flow applications. Assembled in a compact, space-saving unit with excellent accessibility for maintenance.
High Inlet Temperature ZDHT Series Eliminates the need for a separate aftercooler, moisture separator and particulate filter. Inlet air temperature up to 200F (93C). Ideal for body shops, paint booths, etc.
Adsorption Air Dryers
Ecodry KEN / KEA Series Complete preparation unit with pre- and post-filters including differential pressure display and automatic condensate drains (KEN 200 to KEN 1400).
Ecodry KM Series Compact heatless adsorption dryers with capacities up to 50 scfm.
Ecodry KMA Series Complete unit including KM Series dryer and activated carbon adsorber. Produces dry oil-free and odourless compressed air of the highest quality.
Ecodry KMT / KAMT Series  
Ecodry CNG Series Natural gas dryer
Ecodry HDK Series High pressure, high performance system dryer
Concept WI Series Fully automatic adsorption dryer with internally heated dry part-flow regeneration.
Concept WVModular Series High end adsorption dryer with externally heated dry part-flow regeneration.
Concept MS/SP Series Fully automatic CO2 adsorption dryer with internally heated dry part-flow regeneration.
Concept AK/SP Series Fully automatic CO2 cleaning station with internally heated dry part-flow regeneration.
Vacuum Regenerated WVN Series  
Membrane Air Dryers
Sunsep-w Series  
Condensate Treatment
Ecodrain LS Series Electronic zero air loss condensate drains for small flow applications.
Ecodrain ED Series Electronic zero air loss condensate drains for large flow applications.
Ecosep SL Series Separates non-emulsified compressor oil from condensate without the use of external power. Can work with several condensate drain systems.
WS Series Water Separators  Removes bulk liquid contamination at any point in a compressed air system. Can protect dryer prefiltration, remove water from compressor inter- or aftercoolers, etc.

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