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Filtertech Filter Elements

Design and Applications

Air filter elements are designed for vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. Made of pleated paper with expanded steel reinforcement. Available in washable materials, in a variety of sizes.

Air Vacuum Filter Elements

Open End Caps
Molded plastisol (pvc) that seals the ends of the radial fins and acts as a gasket against the sealing plates in the filter housing.

Core Support
Regularly constructed of heavy perforated metal with 50% to 65% opening area, may be coated with a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion.

The filter elements are constructed of polyester felt or polypropylene felt media rated for 10 micron at 98.9% efficiency. A variety of other materials are available upon request. The media are supported between two layers of screen to increase its strength and durability.

Air Polisher Cartridges

Used in compressed air dryers at inlet and outlet polishing the air by removing dust and sticky particles. Protects electronic components and parts. Made of non-migrating 100% polypropylene. Available in many sizes and microns.


Please see Air Filter Elements Brochure (MS Word).

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