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HB Series Filters


Demand for the sterilization of compressed air and gas in the biotech and food industries is continuously increasing. Complete retention of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and bacteriophages, the largest possible filter area, low differential pressure and high cost effectiveness are standard requirements that a filter must meet.

With this application range in view, Zander specially developed the HB series filter elements with an absolute retention rate of 0.01 micron in gas and compressed air. With the help of the pleated depth media with a void volume of 95% (PTFE 85%; PVDF 67%) the flow rate may be increased several times while maintaining a low differential pressure.

HB series offers many advantages. The high particle retention capacity increases the life of the filter element while at the same time reducing operating costs. Heat-stabilized polypropylene together with an internal stainless steel core result in high mechanical stability. An hydrophobic PTFE-impregnated filter medium protects against the wetting of the filter medium with condensate or wet steam.


Rugged pleated element construction with internal stainless steel core.
PTFE-impregnated hydrophobic microfiber with a void volume of 95% as recommended for steam sterilization.
Absolute retention rate at 0.01 micron in compressed air and gases.
Larger internal diameter and pleated medium for markedly improved flow characteristics.
Validated to aerosol bacteria challenge test.
Can be integrity tested with FILTEGRITY.
Heat-welded construction.
"Code 7" click-lock elements available to replace competitive elements directly.
1.3 psid (at rated nominal flows).
Validated Vent Filters available (Series VE).


Parameters Values
Operating temperature Maximum recommended 176F (80C) continuous.
Steam sterilization Maximum 287F (141C) at 40 psig for 15 minutes.
Biological safety All construction materials meet the safety requirements of USP Plastics Class VI and BS 5736.
Validation Series HB filter elements are validated by the Aerosol Bacteria Challenge Test. Titre reductions of >10¹² were established. Documentation available upon request.

Housing Model Element Model Capacity,
scfm at 100 psig
Connection Maximum operating
pressure, psig
S02HB HB09T 53 1/4" 232
S05HB HB09T 65 3/8" 232
S07HB HB09T 88 1/2" 232
S09HB HB09T 118 3/4" 232
S11HB HB13T 171 1" 232
S12HB HB13T 224 1-1/4" 232
S13HB HB13T 294 1-1/2" 232
S14HB HB14T 459 2" 232
S15HB HB18T 677 2" 232
S18HB HB18T 853 2-1/2" 232
S19HB HB19T 1148 3" 232

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