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Steam and Sterile Filter Cartridges

The use of sterile filters is required whenever a compressed air or gases come into a direct or incidental contact with pharmaceutical products. The compressed air or gases used for packaging and production of containers (e.g. plastic bottles) must also be sterile. Zander line of sterile filters is specifically designed to remove all microorganisms and thus produce 100% sterile compressed air to 0.01 micron.

In many food and pharmaceutical applications vessels, piping and filter systems are sterilized by steam. Zander steam filters ensure the effective retention of contaminants from sterilizing steam which increases the service life of equipment.

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Type Description
Steam Filter Cartridges
Series D, DS Filters for cleaning sterilizing steam from rust, particulates and pipe-scale.
Series HCD Culinary steam filters. Retain particles to 1 micron at 99% efficiency.
Sterile Filter Cartridges
Series HB Validated sterile filter cartridges with an absolute retention rate of 0.01 micron. Maximum recommended operating temperature 176F (80C).
Series ST-R Validated sterile filter cartridges for high-temperature applications. Maximum permissible operating temperature 338F (170C).

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