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ST-R Series Filters


Series ST-R filter elements are particularly suitable for high temperature applications. ST-R elements meet the requirements for sterile compressed air/gas and "Bio-Burden Reduction" in dairies, breweries and other food industries, as well as particle-free systems in high-tech manufacturing.

Three layers of the microfiber filter medium between Nomex supporting material prevent the penetration of micro-organisms and insure added filter stability. Because Nomex is a hydrophobic material, filtration integrity is enhanced even after a steam sterilization cycle.

Between the stainless steel support cylinders the filter layer is secured with epoxy resin to the stainless steel end caps. Utilizing epoxy potting compound in lieu of silicone results in a ST-R filter elements' exceptional stability, highest possible efficiency and longer service life for total safety under critical process conditions.

Filter elements of the ST-R series are available for Zander filter housings and also as replacement filter elements for housings produced by other manufacturers.


Stainless steel construction.
Three layers of microfibre media between hydrophobic Nomex supporting material.
Bonding of end caps with epoxy resin.
Large void volume of 95%.
Can be repeatedly steam sterilized.
High operating temperatures.
High particle retention capacity.
Can be integrity tested with FILTEGRITY.
Double "O" ring plug-in connection.
Available as VALIDATED replacements for competitive housings to upgrade existing filters.


Parameters Values
Operating temperature Maximum recommended: 338F (170C) continuously, 392F (200C) intermittently.
Steam sterilization Can be sterilized in-place with purified, saturated steam up to 100 times at 250F (121C) at 16 psig for 30 minutes.
Validation Validation documents available upon request.

Housing Model Element Model Capacity,
scfm at 100 psig
Connection Maximum operating
pressure, psig
S02ST-R ST-R09T 53 1/4" 232
S05ST-R ST-R09T 65 3/8" 232
S07ST-R ST-R09T 88 1/2" 232
S09ST-R ST-R09T 118 3/4" 232
S11ST-R ST-R13T 171 1" 232
S12ST-R ST-R13T 224 1-1/4" 232
S13ST-R ST-R13T 294 1-1/2" 232
S14ST-R ST-R14T 459 2" 232
S15ST-R ST-R18T 677 2" 232
S18ST-R ST-R18T 853 2-1/2" 232
S19ST-R ST-R19T 1148 3" 232

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