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Hyperchill Water Chillers


Designed specifically for industry, Hyperchill is the new range of precision water chillers by Hiross.

The range covers cooling capacities from 2 to 360 kW. Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation, whatever the working conditions.

Industrial processes are very diverse by nature: consequently flexibility to satisfy all industrial applications is a main feature of Hyperchill.

Thanks to sophisticated technical solutions and an extensive range of accessories, Hyperchill operates continuously and efficiently whatever the conditions. All models as standard accept water inlet temperatures up to 30°C and water outlet temperatures down to 0°C, with a delta t of up to 15°C; ambient temperatures up to 45°C are permitted.

Compact dimensions and low weight, as well as high efficiency, flexibility of use, high reliability and cost savings are just some of the further benefits Hyperchill’s unique technical solutions offer the industrial user.

Compliant scroll compressors, an evaporator integrated within the water tank and an advanced microprocessor controller further add to make Hyperchill the perfect solution for every chilled water need. Hyperchill is available either in air-cooled configuration (with axial or centrifugal fans) or in water-cooled configuration.


Easy to use. Hyperchill is an all-in-one package, with all components standardly supplied inside. Compact dimensions and a low weight make it simple to position, while models from ICE007 can be installed outdoors. Maintenance is facilitated by full frontal access, a removable tank and a condenser section which is isolated from the rest of the chiller (from ICE007). Every model in the range can be used in pressurised closed circuits, facilitating system design.

Maximum control. Unlike traditional chillers, Hyperchill places the evaporator stage before the tank, with the temperature control sensor positioned on the water outlet: this guarantees a very accurate water outlet temperature control. Water temperature stability is further improved thanks to the oversized water tank. An antifreeze thermostat and water level sensor secure continuous operation in all conditions, as does the internal water by-pass (standard on ICE007).

Economical and environmentally friendly. Hyperchill standardly uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R407C on all models: R407C is characterized by a very high efficiency, leading to reduced power consumptions. Scroll compressors, which offer energy savings of around 20%, are fitted from ICE022. Multiple compressors (from ICE076) ensure significant energy savings at partial loads.

Fail-safe operation. Hyperchill operates continuously in all conditions and with all applications. Multiple compressors and twin independent refrigeration circuits (from ICE076), with automatic rotation, offer increased peace of mind, as do an extensive list of safety devices. The high working limits and condenser pre-filter ensure that Hyperchill operates in all ambients. When operating in closed circuits, Hyperchill avoids water fouling and the need for refilling.

Further Information

Please refer to Engineering data manual or Hyperchill brochure for details and catalogue numbers. You are welcome to contact us with any questions and for additional information. To learn current prices, please send us a quotation request.

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