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MAXIGAS Nitrogen Generators


The domnick hunter MAXIGAS range of nitrogen generators has been developed to allow users to produce their own supply of nitrogen gas on-site, without the need for traditional high pressure cylinder or liquefied gas supply.

A domnick hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generator can very easily form the basis of a complete central nitrogen supply, furnishing multiple analytical instruments with clean, dry nitrogen.

The MAXIGAS generators produce nitrogen gas from a virtually free resource air. Designed to operate from compressed air, the generators deliver a continuous, uninterrupted supply of nitrogen gas at purity from 97% to 99.999%.

The MAXIGAS systems offer the safest, most convenient and economic source of nitrogen available. The compact, modular design allows easy upgrading of the system as production capacity expands.

At 10 ppm oxygen content flow rates vary from 1.3 Nm3/hr to 6.5 Nm3/hr. At 1% the corresponding flow rates available are 11.8 Nm3/hr 59.1 Nm3/hr.

Buffer vessels can also be supplied if required to form a complete system.


Wide range of purities and flows available.
Convenient, secure, 24 hours a day supply.
MAXIGAS takes up less floor space than other systems and will fit through a standard doorway.
No need for costly de-oxo systems, high pressure cylinder, or dewar storage.
Modular design allowing for easy expansion
Bespoke skid or containerized systems available.

Further Information

Please refer to MAXIGAS Nitrogen Generators Brochure for details and catalogue numbers. You are welcome to contact us with any questions and for additional information. To learn current prices, please send us a quotation request.

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