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One measure of a filter's performance is the amount of contamination that it can handle before the flow of liquid reduces, or the pressure drop increases, to unacceptable levels.

It is possible to adjust a filter's capacity to handle contamination by enhancing the depth and porosity of the media. This approach traps the contamination throughout the depth of the media, leading to increased life to blockage, but makes it difficult to further extend filter life by cleaning.

PEPLYN HA has been specifically developed to provide substantially extended life through repeated backwash regeneration.

PEPLYN HA utilises polypropylene filter media and support materials, which balance a high surface area and closely controlled porosity, in a configuration that maximises the cleaning efficiency of backwashing.

Capture of larger particles is predominantly on the surface of the media and by utilising a robust and rigid construction surface blinding can be significantly reduced by backwashing. By using a graded fibre size and density throughout the media depth, coupled with closely controlled porosity, the loading capacity is maximized and retention of smaller particles is accurately defined and maintained under wide extremes of operating conditions.

PEPLYN HA filter cartridges are ideally suited to applications with high natural dirt loading or where artificial filter aids (e.g. kieselguhr) have been used to provide bright products.


Ideally suited for raw water filtration where the longevity of the filter can be enhanced by repetitive backwashing.
Trap filtration (also known as police or guard filtration) removing precoat and body fed particles that have been released from powder filters, for example in a brewing process.
Removal of carbon and resin fines downstream from treatment processes.
Clarification of CIP solutions prior to their use with fine pre-filter cartridges and microporous membranes.

Further Information

Please refer to PEPLYN HA Brochure for details and catalogue numbers. You are welcome to contact us with any questions and for additional information. To learn current prices, please send us a quotation request.

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