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PREPOR GF (Beverage)


PREPOR GF filter cartridges have been specifically developed for fine clarification of water, products and ancillary liquids. The higher efficiency grades also provide excellent bioburden reduction and protection to microporous membranes.

The high porosity of the microfibre filter media means that the filters have high dirt holding capacity and exhibit exceptional flow performance compared to similarly rated polypropylene filters. Coupled with the hydrophilic nature of the media, this makes them more suitable for low pressure and gravity fed systems, viscous liquids and an option for all systems where long-term elevated temperature and chemical cleaning are not required.


Clarification of products for the purpose of visual aesthetics.
Fine clarification of products and ancillary liquids to extend the lifetime of microporous membrane filters.
Removal of low levels of bioburden, such as natural yeasts, from incoming liquids.
Clarification of viscous liquids such as syrups, especially where low transfer pressures are used.

Further Information

Please refer to PREPOR GF (Beverage) Brochure for details and catalogue numbers. You are welcome to contact us with any questions and for additional information. To learn current prices, please send us a quotation request.

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