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Materials Handling

We represent in Western Canada an impressive range of materials handling equipment distributed by FIRING INDUSTRIES LTD. Please click the links below to jump to a product list of a particular manufacturer. Or follow links to the left if you wish to visit manufacturers' homepages.

Auburn B.E.S.T. Fluid Energy
Tribo.guard monitors Vibratory equipment Drying & grinding equipment
Jacob Tubing Malvern NDC
Modular tubing systems On-line particle size analyzers On-line measurement and control tools
Patterson-Kelley Schenck AccuRate Union Process
Solids-solids and liquids-solids blenders & dryers Bulk material feeding & metering systems Grinding attritors & mills


Auburn Products

Tribo.guard Bag Leak/Broken Bag Detector and Dust Monitors

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B.E.S.T. Products

Bulk Bag Loaders
Bulk Bag Unloaders
Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors
Vibratory Screeners
Vibratory Tables
Net Weighers

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Fluid Energy

Ultra-Fine Grinding Jet Milling Systems
Fine Powder Classifying Systems
Flash Drying Systems

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Jacob Tubing Products

Connectors (ball joints, cones, spouts, inclined spouts, hose connections, weld on adapters, bolt on adapters)
Diverter valves (2-way valves, dosing valves, 2-way distributors, actuators)
Laterals (common, conical, T-pieces, Y-branches)
Multi-port diverters
Ports (cleaning ports, inspection ports, sight glasses, rubber caps, safety covers)
Pull rings (quick connect, bolted, seals)
Slide gates (air regulator, non-return valve, product slide gate ordinary / adjustable / pneumatic)
Throttle valves
Tubes (welded tubes, slip tubes, rings and seals)
Tube hangers (ceiling mounted, wall/floor mounted)
Turn-head distributors

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Malvern Products

On-line particle sizing systems

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NDC Infrared Engineering Products

FG710 Infrared gauge for biax, cast or blown film
IG710 Infrared gauge for coat weight and moisture
FS710 Infrared gauge for paper and voided/pigmented films
TFG710 Infrared gauge for thin biax and cast films
SR710 Infrared gauge for thin coatings on reflective surfaces
MM710 moisture gauge for powders and solids
PV710 multi-component gauge for bulk materials with PowderVision
PV710 multi-component gauge for food with PowderVision
MM710 multi-component gauge for the food processing industry
TM710 on-line gauge for tobacco
Moistrex MX8000: at-line moisture analyzer for paper & board making, converting and printing
Infralab 710: at-line and laboratory food analyser (moisture, oil, fat and protein measurements in cheese, dairy powders and snack foods)
Infralab 710: at-line and laboratory tobacco analyzer
PharmaView with PH710: end point determination and moisture measurement system for fluid bed dryers.

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Patterson-Kelley Products

Multiple Vessel Processing (MVP) Blending Systems
Batch Blenders
Continuous Blenders
Batch Dryers
Continuous Dryers

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Schenck AccuRate Products

Mass Flow Meters
Weighbelts and Belt Scales
Bulk Bag Discharge Systems
Hoppers and Auxiliaries

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Union Process Products

Wet Grinding Attritors
Dry Grinding Attritors
Small Media Mills
Lime Slakers

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