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We offer a wide range of specialized media formulated to achieve accurate test results for a variety of contaminants. Each type of media is designed to detect and identify its target with unparalleled precision. Perfect for use with our bacteriological and analytical monitors, all the media provide reliable results with low incidences of false positives.


Microbiological analysis of:
• Drinking water
• Surface water
• Recreational water
• Purified water


• Ready-to-use media considerably shortens sample preparation time, reduces the risks of cross-contamination, and keeps costs to a minimum.
• Optimal media stability, sterility and reproducibility. All media undergo detailed quality control checks in accordance with recognized methods, guaranteeing uniform media preparation at all times. Each pack contains a batch-specific quality certificate.
• Wide range of products satisfies even special customer requirements.


Our liquid media are available in ampoules and/or bottles. Please request us for current prices, other media or different packaging types/amounts.

Item Description Pack Size Amount Catalogue Number Price, CA$
M-Green Yeast and Mold M-Green was developed to improve efficiency of detection and enumeration of fungi in sugar based drinks using the membrane filtration method. This medium has a low pH, which inhibits bacterial growth. The addition of bromocresol green, which diffuses into fungal colonies as an alkaline reaction, allows them to be easily identified. Metabolic by-products from the developing colonies diffuse into the surrounding medium, further reducing the pH which aids in the inhibition of bacterial growth, but also produces an acid reaction that causes residual bromocresol green to change to yellow. 50 2 mL 10 496 101 Request
M–TGE Total Count Media All bacteria develop on TGE media and produce a range of different coloured and sized colonies. 50 2 mL 10 496 102 Request
M-Endo Coliform Broth Endo is a red coloured media, which needs to be stored in the dark to prevent discoloration of the media. Gram-positive bacteria are inhibited on this media by the desoxycholate and lauryl sulfate. The addition of ethanol increases the antibacterial nature of the formulation. Lactose fermenting organisms form aldehydes, which react with Schiff's reagent (basic fuchsin and sodium sulfite) to give red coloured zones around the colonies. Coliform colonies are therefore red with a characteristic metallic sheen. 50 2 mL 10 496 103 Request
Orange Serum Media Organisms known to grow in single strength and concentrated juices are lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria and yeast. Lactobacilli, Leuconostoc and yeast have all been identified as spoilage organisms by numerous authors. Orange serum at pH 5.4 to 5.6 has been reported to yield maximum counts of all types of spoilage organisms in mixed cultures, and in single culture comparison tests. 50 2 mL 10 496 104 Request
M-FC Broth Allows the development of fecal coliforms at elevated temperatures (44.5°C). 50 2 mL 10 496 124 Request
Centrimide media Allows the determination of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in water samples. 0.2µ monitor (cat. # 10 497 511) must be used to retain the organism on the surface of the membrane to culture it. Incubation temperature 35-37°C, incubation time 24-48 hours. 50 2 mL 10 496 146 98.00
HPC Broth with TTC HPC is used to determine total count at incubation temperatures of 35°C. All bacteria develop on HPC with indicator media and produce a red colour as a result of the precipitation of formazan following the reduction of 2,3,5- triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) by bacteria. 50 2 mL 10 496 151 Request
R2 Broth R2 broth can be used to determine heterotrophic plate count at 35°C. When incubated at lower temperatures (25–30°C) for longer periods of 72–96 hours it can also be used to recover environmentally stressed organisms, or those that are chlorine tolerant. 50 2 mL 10 496 161 Request

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