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Swabs and Swab Kits


Neutralizing Buffer Swabs

Neutralizing buffer swabs are used in the monitoring of surfaces for total bacterial count. Neutralizing buffer inactivates the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects of chlorine and quaternary ammonium detergents. However, neutralizing buffer exhibits no toxic effects on microorganisms. This permits the transfer of swabbed organisms to the laboratory without loss in viability. Neutralizing buffer is not designed to culture and enumerate microorganisms.

Buffer Swabs

Used for the collection of surface contamination from flat or convoluted surfaces prior to transport to a laboratory for culture and enumeration. Buffer swabs contain no bacteriostatic or bactericidal compounds and cannot suppress the action of detergents.

SwabCheck E. coli

Used for the detection of Escherichia coli on surfaces. The presence of fluorescence using a long-wave UV light source confirms the presence of Escherichia coli, and any further confirmation is not required. MUG detects anaerogenic strain that may not be detected in the conventional procedure. Lactose is a source of energy. Casein peptone provides additional nutrients. The mixture of bile salts is inhibiting for gram-positive bacteria, particularly bacilli and fecal streptococci. The substrate 4-methylumbelliferyl-B-D-glucuronide is hydrolyzed by an enzyme, B-glucuronidase, possessed by most Escherichia coli and a few strains of Salmonella, Shigella and Yersinia, to produce a fluorescent end product, 4-methylumbelliferone. The presence of Escherichia coli is detected by the appearance of fluorescence throughout the tube.

Total Count Swab Kit

Used for the non-selective development and enumeration of all aerobic bacteria on surfaces in accordance with HACCP. The kit includes the swabs and culture medium, packaged with a membrane device, providing a quantitative result. All bacteria develop on TGE media and produce a range of different colored and sized colonies. It is not possible using TGE to presumptively identify any bacteria. Identification can only be undertaken using traditional microbiology techniques following initial colony development.

Yeast and Mold Swab Kit

Used for the enumeration of yeast and molds on surfaces in accordance with HACCP. The kit includes the swabs and culture medium, packaged with a membrane device, providing a quantitative result. M-Green yeast and mold is an improved modification of the liquid medium, and was developed to improve efficiency of detection and enumeration of fungi in sugar based drinks using the membrane filtration method. This medium has a low pH, which inhibits bacterial growth. The addition of bromocresol green, which diffuses into fungal colonies as an alkaline reaction, allows them to be easily identified. Metabolic by-products from the developing colonies diffuse into the surrounding medium, further reducing the pH that aids in the inhibition of bacterial growth, but also produces an acid reaction that causes residual bromocresol green to change to yellow. Green opaque colonies against a yellow background are indicative of the growth of yeasts. Mold colonies are green and filamentous.

Coliform SwabCheck

Escherichia coli and Coliforms are used traditionally as indicator organisms for fecal contamination in water and other environmental samples. Detection of these organisms usually points to poor hygiene at some stage in the production process or pollution of water at source. The presence of coliforms is indicated by a colour change from red to yellow. The more rapid the colour changes the higher the level of coliform bacteria.

Hygiene SwabCheck

An easy to use Hygiene SwabCheck shows an obvious colour change from red to yellow. The time taken for this change is an indication of the level of contamination. This should be used in conjunction with known specification levels of your process/product. Rapid screening hygiene test is a same day test that will detect gross bacterial and fungal contamination of work surfaces, equipment machinery or other sampling sites.

Listeria SwabCheck

Listeria Isolation SwabCheck is designed to be used alongside traditional selective methods to improve the quality system and minimize the risk of Listeria contamination. This simple to use diagnostic test can be applied anywhere in the environment and on foodstuffs where the presence of Listeria species would be critical. Listeria sp and specifically Listeria monocytogenes are rapidly becoming the most important pathogen in the food industry; regulatory bodies from around the world are insisting that all food products are Listeria free. Listeria Isolation SwabCheck works on an enhanced Esculin media formulation. The hydrolysis of esculin gives a distinctive black/brown precipitate. Inhibitors and antibiotics are present in the media, which will inhibit the growth of non-Listeria species.


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Item Pack Size Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Neutralizing Buffer Swabs, 4 mL 125 10 498 303 Request
Neutralizing Buffer Swabs, 4 mL 500 10 498 304 Request
Buffer Swabs, 4 mL 125 10 498 305 Request
Buffer Swabs, 4 mL 500 10 498 306 Request
SwabCheck E. coli, 4 mL 125 10 498 402 Request
Total Count Swab Kit 30 10 498 315 Request
Yeast & Mold Swab Kit 30 10 498 316 Request
Coliform SwabCheck 25 10 498 406 Request
Hygiene SwabCheck 25 10 498 407 Request
Listeria SwabCheck 25 10 498 408 Request

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