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Screw Impeller Centrifugal Pumps:

CR Series


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CR Series


CS series screw impeller pumps are designed to obtain extremely low liquid velocities within the pump. A special auger-like impeller provides exceptionally gentle handling of liquids and suspended particles without clogging. The CR series pumps combine the advantages of centrifugal pumps with the delicacy of positive displacement pumps. This enables a wide range of thin to highly viscous media to be transferred, including solids such as vegetables, meat pieces and fruit. Large open passages in CS series pumps can even pass fibrous materials.

A pump shaft is supported by high strength bearings, allowing the use of standard IEC motors and is very robust for long-term reliability. Pump connections include DIN11851, SMS, IDF, RJT and other types.

Flow rates range from 0 to 140 150 m/h (616 660 GPM) with heads up to 20 m (2 bar).


Designed and manufactured to ensure the elimination of stagnation zones.
Chemical polishing treatment.
Thanks to the clamp sealing of the casing the pumps are easily disassembled for inspection, cleaning and maintenance purposes; the delivery port can also be turned in all directions.
For particularly aggressive environments the CR pumps can be manufactured in the following materials on request: Sanicro 28 (1.4563), Duplex SAF 2507 (1.4410),  Hastelloy C276.
Optional stainless steel motor shroud and trolleys.

Typical Applications

Industry Applications/Media
Beverage Ideal for wine re-circulation: allows for gentle re-circulation of musts with fermentation paste without decomposition and with excellent performance and colour.
Food Fruit and vegetable handling, cereals, chunky soups, food pastes, oil, fish transportation
Pulp & Paper Glues, paper paste
Chemicals Process slurries, sewage sludge

Further Information

Please refer to CR Series Brochure for details, models, and catalogue numbers, CR performance diagrams and CR dimensional catalogue. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or for additional information. To learn current prices, please send us a quotation request.

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