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Molecular/Por Stirred Cells


Biologically inert, Molecular/Por Stirred cells are ideal for performing simple laboratory ultrafiltration applications. While nitrogen gas, air or additional solution is applied under pressure via a top fill port to drive filtrate through the Molecular/Por UF membrane, the membrane retains and concentrates larger molecular species in the reservoir chamber. By operating the Stirred cell on a magnet stir plate, a reciprocating magnetic stir bar suspended above the membrane minimizes concentration polarization and maintains effective filtration. A pressure relief valve ensures safe operation if pressure increases above a set limit. Molecular/Por Stirred cells are available in three volume sizes: 10 mL, 70 mL and 400 mL.


Quick and easy, leak-proof assembly.
Incorporated magnetic stirrer minimizes concentration polarization.
Clear reservoir chamber for sample visibility.
Pressure relief valve to reduce excess pressure.


Cell Type S-25-10 S-43-70 S-76-400
Volume Capacity 10 mL 70 mL 400 mL
Downstream Volume 1.5 mL 5 mL 10 mL
Minimum Stir Volume 1 mL 2.5 mL 10 mL
Membrane Diameter 25 mm 43 mm 76 mm
Filtration Surface Area:   4.0 cm² 12.5 cm² 38.5 cm²
Diameter × Height (cm) 7.0 × 14.6 7.6 × 16.5 12 × 23
Weight 0.34 kg 0.35 kg 0.9 kg
Max. Temp. and Pressure 60C at 70 psig 60C at 70 psig 60C at 70 psig

Component Material
Top & Base Pieces Polyacetal
Fill Port Plug Polyacetal
Reservoir Chamber Polycarbonate
Stir Bar Fluorocarbon coated stainless steel
Hose Barb Polypropylene
O-rings Buna-N
Vent/Relief Valve Polyacetal
Clamp Assembly Stainless steel
Rod Tip Assembly Polyacetal
Support Disc Sintered polypropylene, 150 m porosity
Tubing 1/4" × 1/8" (OD × ID)

Ordering information

Item Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Stirred Cells
Stirred Cell, type S-25-10 501613 Request
Stirred Cell, type S-43-70 501718 Request
Stirred Cell, type S-76-400 501819 Request
Replacement Parts
Replacement Rod Kit for S-25-10 501614 Request
Replacement Rod Kit for S-43-70 501718 Request
Replacement Rod Kit for S-76-400 501822 Request
Replacement Chamber O-ring for S-25-10 501616 Request
Replacement Chamber O-ring for S-43-70 501719 Request
Replacement Chamber O-ring for S-76-400 501820 Request
Replacement Barrel for S-25-10 501615 Request
Replacement Barrel for S-43-70 501720 Request
Replacement Barrel for S-76-400 501823 Request

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