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CellFlo Max Modules

Production Scale Hollow Fibre Modules for Processing 50 to 5000 L


KrosFlo Max and CellFlo Max are the largest hollow fibre filter modules available for the bioprocessing and pharmaceutical industries. These production modules directly scale up from KrosFlo Plus and CellFlo Plus to provide surface areas ranging from 5.3 to 22 m². KrosFlo Max and CellFlo Max modules can be operated with the KrosFlo Pharma system or a custom-designed skid to combine and maximize the advantages of gentle hollow fibre flow dynamics, the efficiency of tangential flow filtration, the time and cost savings of disposability.

Disposable KrosFlo Max are available in three convenient sizes. The "300" size provides a direct scale-up of the process volume, flow rate and permeate rate from KrosFlo Plus "3X" size. The "600" and "800" sizes are easy retrofits for commercially available re-usable modules. All three sizes can be connected to any process loop via 2" sanitary retentate ports and 1.5" sanitary filtrate ports. Non-irradiated modules can be sterilized once prior to use by autoclaving, irradiation or ETO.

Modules are manufactured under cGMP in an ISO class 20 E (US Fed. Class 10,000) cleanroom and are 100% integrity tested and 100% lot traceable. All material of construction meet class VI biocompatibility standards.

CellFlo Max Modules

CellFlo Max Modules


• Whole cell washing and concentration
• Cell harvesting
• Continuous bioreactor perfusion
• Large diagnostic particle diafiltration

• Clarification of viral cultures
• Nanofiltration
• Colloid concentration
• Virus purification and concentration


Parameter Description
Housing Clear and pigmented polysulfone
Netting Polypropylene
Flange Nut Pigmented polysulfone
Inlet/Outlet Reducer 2" sanitary, clear polysulfone
Filtration Side-Port 1.5" sanitary
Potting Polyurethane
Process Volume 50 - 5000 L
Surface Area 5.3 - 11.3 mē

Membranes Fibre ID MWCO
Mixed Cellulose Ester (ME) 1.0 mm 0.2 µm
Polyethersulfone (PES) 1.0 mm 0.2 µm, 0.5 µm
Polysulfone (PS) 1.0 mm 20 nm

Surface Area (m²) Module Size D (mm) TL (cm) L (cm) EL (cm)
5.3 xxxx-601-xxx 11.6 73.5 62.8 49.9
7.2 xxxx-301-xxx 11.6 91.5 81.2 67.9
11.3 xxxx-801-xxx 11.6 131.1 120.6 107.5

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