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KrosFlo SIP Modules

Steam-In-Place (SIP) Hollow Fibre Reusable Modules,  50 to 1000 L

KrosFlo SIP ModulesOverview

The new KrosFlo SIP Modules combine the benefits of hollow fibre tangential flow filtration (TFF) with a robust design for processes requiring SIP and product re-use. Validated for 5 SIP cycles, these superior filter modules incorporate a thermally stable potting compound with a durable membrane support sleeve to withstand the extreme conditions of multiple steam sterilization cycles and NaOH cleaning/sanitization. Ideal for production scale applications, the KrosFlo SIP Modules can be operated singly to process 50 to 1000 litres or in parallel up to 10,000 litres.

The size C version of the KrosFlo SIP Modules is specifically designed for production scale applications with 4.4 m² (1.0 mm ID fibers) and 6.0 m² (0.5 mm fibers). Scaling up from the "2X" or "3X" length MiniKros, KrosFlo and CellFlo disposable modules, the size C SIP modules easily and securely fits into size C stainless steel KrosFlo SIP housing, as well as retrofitting other commercially available SIP housings. The SIP module and housing assembly can be connected to any SIP process system via 2" sanitary retentate ports and 1.5" sanitary filtration ports.

Modules are manufactured under cGMP in an ISO class 209 E (US Fed. Class 10,000) cleanroom and are 100% integrity tested and 100% lot traceable.


Cell lysate clarification
Microparticle diafiltration
E. coli concentration
Fermentation harvest
Virus purification
Viral removal

Antibody purification (IgM & IgG)
Protein concentration
Buffer exchange, pH change, desalt
Albumin purification
NanoParticle Diafiltration


Robust reusable design
Steam-In-Place (SIP)
Clean-In-Place (CIP)
Low shear filtration

Scalable for production
Easy retrofit for other HF modules
Low protein binding PES for microfiltration


Parameter Description
Housing Materials
Cylinder, side-port, 1.5" sanitary Stainless steel
End-cap, reducer, 4" - 2" sanitary Stainless steel
Clamps, 4" sanitary Stainless steel
Gaskets, 4" sanitary Silicone
Module Materials
Sleeve Clear and pigmented polysulfone
Potting Epoxy
Membrane PES or PS
Seals, size C White silicone

Membranes Fibre ID MWCO
Polyethersulfone (PES) 1.0 mm, 0.5 mm 0.2 µm, 0.5 µm
Polysulfone (PS) 1.0 mm 20 nm (500 kD)
Polysulfone (PS) 0.5 mm 0.05 µm, 400 kD, 100 kD, 50 kD, 10 kD

Component D (mm) TL (cm) L (cm) EL (cm)
KrosFlo SIP Module, size C 10.8 62.2 62.2 53.3
KrosFlo SIP Housing, size C 11.4 77.1 n/a n/a

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