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MiniKros Sampler Modules

Disposable Hollow Fibre Tangential Flow Modules for R&D Scale Volumes,  50 mL to 3 L

MiniKros Sampler ModuleKrosFlo Research II System


The MiniKros Sampler module is the ideal device for the efficient filtration of R&D scale volumes of precious samples. Tangential flow filtration is the most efficient alternative for the gentle processing of delicate samples like dissolved biological or cellular suspensions. The MiniKros Sampler module consists of high quality hollow fibre membranes encased in a polysulfone housing with circulation inlet and outlet ports and two filtration side ports. The hollow fibre membrane geometry provides consistent filtration performance, direct scalability and high product recovery due to capillary flow dynamics. MiniKros Sampler modules can be autoclaved or are available irradiated (irr).

KrosFlo Research II system utilizes a peristaltic pump to recirculate the sample and quickly process R&D scale volumes (50 mL to 3 litres) for filtration characterization. The desired product can be purified and concentrated as retentate or clarified and purified as filtrate depending on the size of desired product and the filter pore size or MWCO.


• Diafiltration of diagnostic particles
• Cell washing and/or harvesting
• Clarification of cellular debris

• Protein purification and concentration
• Purification and concentration of virus
• Nanoparticle diafiltration


Parameter Description
Housing Polysulfone
Connections 1/4" Hose Barb inlet/outlet ports;
Female Luer Lok filtrate (FLL)
Potting Polyurethane
Process Volume 50 mL - 3 L
Surface Area 120 - 615 cmē

Membranes Fibre ID MWCO
Mixed Cellulose Ester (ME) 0.6 mm
1.0 mm
0.1 µm, 0.2 µm
Polyethersulfone (PES) 0.5 mm
1.0 mm
0.2 µm, 0.5 µm
Polysulfone (PS) 1.0 mm
0.5 mm
20 nm, 100 kD
0.05µm, 20 nm, 400 kD, 100 kD, 50 kD, 10 kD

Surface Area (cm²) ID (mm) TL (cm) L (cm) EL (cm) Dimensions
120-615 18.8 18.5 13.9 12.2

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