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IWT/USF Replacement Cartridges


IX series cartridges provide ultra high purity water with the highest possible capacities. The white end caps and clear filter tube are constructed of durable polycarbonate. Colour changing media gives a visual indication of exhaustion. IX series filters are compatible with Aries FilterWorks, EDC, IWT and US FILTER single and dual brackets. Cartridge equivalents are available for the Research, Universal, Metex and Absorber filters. Premium resins and carbon ensure the highest quality water and the longest possible life.


• Polycarbonate construction.
• Crystal clear tube.
• IWT, US FILTER and EDC compatible.
• Highest purity.
• Highest capacity.
• Colour changing media.


IX Series Cartridges
Connections Short tapered nipples
Material of construction Polycarbonate
Diameter 3.35"
Body length 18.00"
Overall length 19.50"
Volume 127.17 in³ (0.074 ft³)
Flow to 1 GPM
Max Pressure Drop 5 psi
Weight (approx.) 5.0 lbs

Please refer to IX series brochure or contact us for assistance and more details.

Compatibility and Ordering Information

Item Catalogue Number IWT Equivalent US FILTER Equivalent EDC Equivalent Price, CA$
IX Series Cartridges
High Purity Colour Changing Mixed Bed IX-02-4030 Research II 3C0800002 HP-100 Request
High Capacity Colour Changing Mixed Bed IX-02-4040 Universal II 3C0600002 HC-200 Request
Organics & Chlorine Removal IX-02-1050 Absorber II 3C0200002 CF-300 Request
Metals Removal, Condensate Polishing, Colour Changing Cation IX-02-3002 Metex II 3C0400002 DC-400 Request
High Purity Low TOC Mixed Bed IX-02-4011 - Not available UP-500 Request
Premium Organic & Chlorine Removal IX-02-4090 - - - Request
Cartridge Holders
Single Assembly Cartridge Holder IX-00-SNGL - 3C1200003 - Request
Duplex Assembly Cartridge Holder IX-00-DPLX - 3C1200011 - Request

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