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Millipore Replacement Cartridges


MP series cartridges provide ultra high purity water with the highest possible capacities. The filter body is constructed of all natural polypropylene materials. Spin welded construction provides long life and unsurpassed quality. The 222 O-ring connections ensure a leak tight seal and fit a variety of housings. MP series filters are compatible with Millipore three bowl and four bowl systems and a variety of replacement cartridge kits are available.


Spin welded construction.
Virgin polypropylene materials.
222 O-ring.
Millipore compatible.
Variety of media.
Highest capacity.
Highest purity.


MP Series Cartridges
Connections 222 O-ring
Material of construction Natural Polypropylene
Diameter 3.10"
Body length 11.63"
Overall length 12.63"
Volume 66.55 in³ (0.039 ft³)
Flow to 1 GPM
Max pressure n/a
Weight (approx.) 2.0 lbs

Please refer to MP series brochure or contact us for assistance and more details.

Compatibility and Ordering Information

Item Catalogue Number Millipore Equivalent Price, CA$
MP Series Cartridges
High Purity 3"D x 12" with 222 O-ring MP-12-4010 CPMB 01202 / CDMB 01202 Request
Activated Carbon 3" D x 12" w/-222 O-Ring MP-12-1050 CDFC 01204 Request
Organic Pretreatment 3" D x 12" w/-222 O-Ring MP-12-4090 N/A Request
Organic Pretreatment 3" D x 12" w/-222 O-Ring MP-12-3680 N/A Request
Organic Scavenger 3" D x 12" w/-222 O-Ring MP-12-4012 CDEX 01201 Request
High Purity Low TOC 3" D x 12" w/-222 O-Ring MP-12-4011 N/A Request
Pre Filter 0.5 micron 3"D x 10-17/32" w/-222 O-Ring PF-10-6000.5-222 CWSC 01TP3 Request
POU Capsule Filter 0.2µ 1/4" NPT x Hose Barb PF-00-6402 MPGL 04SK2 Request
MP Series Cartridge Kits
Type I Three Bowl - Carbon, (2) Mixed Bed, POU Filter MPK-001 CDMF01204 / CFUF01205 Request
Type I Four Bowl - Pre Filter, Carbon, (2) Mixed Bed, POU Filter MPK-002 PCMMF-1M Request
Analytical Four Bowl - Carbon, (2) Mixed Bed, Org. Scav., POU Filter MPK-003 CDOF 01205 / CFOF 012P5 Request
MPQ Series Cartridges
Ultra-pure / Low TOC for Milli-Q / Alpha-Q MPQ-1000 CPMQ004R1 / CPMQ004D2 Request
Ultra-pure / Low TOC with 0.2µ filter MPQ-2000 CPMQK05R1 / CPMQK05D2 Request
Deionisation for AFS Analyzer Feed System MPQ-3000 CP1ALLRES / CP4ALLRES Request
Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment for Milli-RO and AFS MPQ-4000 CPROP0402 Request
0.2µ Final Filter, 1/4 NPT x Hose Barb PF-00-6402 MPGL04SK2 Request

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