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Millipore Q-Pak Replacements


MPK series cartridge packs provide high purity water with the highest possible capacities. Designed to be compatible with Millipore Milli-Q Compact Standard, Plus and Plus UF systems, the MPK series are constructed of natural polypropylene material and use heat-fused technologies to minimize extractables. Premium resins and media are used to provide consistent, ultra pure water for the most critical laboratory applications.


• Millipore compatible.
• Natural polypropylene materials.
• Heat welded construction.
• Premium media for low TOC applications.
• Highest capacity.
• Highest purity.


Cartridge Pack Applications/Configuration
Ultra Pure Water / Low TOC and Extractables
Designed to polish pre-treated water where 18.2 MΩ and low organics are required. To ensure the highest quality, activated carbon, ultrapure mixed bed resins, and organic scavengers provide the optimum solution. The MPK-1000 is used for Milli-Q and Alpha-Q systems for Life Science, HPLC, tissue cell research, and semi-conductor applications.
Ultra Pure Water / Low TOC and Extractables with 0.2µ Final Filter
Offers the convenience of ordering the MPK-1000 and final filter in one kit.
Ultra Pure Deionisation
This configuration removes ionic impurities by the use of high purity mixed bed resins. The MPK-3000 is used for the Millipore AFS Analyzer Feed system where Type I water is required.
Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
Designed to remove particulate, organics, and chlorine as a pretreatment, To reduce scale formation on RO membrane surfaces, a sequestering agent dissolves to react with hardness. The MPK-4000 is used for the Millipore RO and AFS Analyzer feed system. This pack is designed as a duplex and is rotated when one half is exhausted.


MPK Series Cartridges
Connections Male post with O-ring
Material of construction:  
       O-rings Nitrile
       Wetted surfaces Virgin Natural Polypropylene
Width 6.25"
Height 12.75"
Volume 266 in³ / 0.156 ft³; 133 in³ / 0.078 ft³ (MPK-4000)
        MPK-1000 / 2000 Ultrapure Mixed Bed Resin
Macroreticular Activated Carbon
Organic Scavenging Bead
        MPK-3000 Ultrapure Mixed Bed Resin
        MPK-4000 Macroreticular Activated Carbon
Anti-scalant media
Porous Filtration
Weight 11 lbs

Please refer to MPK series brochure or contact us for assistance and more details.

Compatibility and Ordering Information

MPK Series Cartridges Catalogue Number Millipore Equivalent Price, CA$
Ultra-pure / Low TOC for Milli-Q / Alpha-Q MPK-1000 CPMQ004R1 / CPMQ004D2 Request
Ultra-pure / Low TOC with 0.2µ filter  MPK-2000 CPMQK05R1 / CPMQK05D2 Request
Deionisation for AFS Analyzer Feed System MPK-3000* CP1ALLRES / CP4ALLRES Request
Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment for Milli-RO and AFS MPK-4000 CPROP0402 Request
0.2µ Final Filter, 1/4" NPT x Hose Barb PF-00-6402 MPGL04SK2 Request

*Alternative style may be required. Please provide date code to ensure compatibility.

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