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Gemini High Purity D.I. Loop


The Gemini Ultra High Purity Water System provides up to 3.7 litres per minute of 18.2 MΩ, 0.2 µm filtered water. The Multi-Pass Ultraviolet system irradiates the water at three separate passes in the recirculation loop. Please click a link to see a flow diagram.

The dispensing port is continuously exposed to UV for complete sterility at the outlet. Water quality meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS Type 1 specifications.

Volumetric dispensing is controlled by the microprocessor and easily operated using the soft touch keypad. Water quality is continuously monitored on the digital display and LED’s alert the user to system status. Hibernation mode runs the pump intermittently to keep the system ultra pure.

The integral basin accommodates filling large containers and controls drips and spills. A variety of options are available such as a dispensing gun, ultra-filtration, wall mounting hardware, a sanitization kit, and R.O. pre-treatment systems.


• 18.2 MΩ water purity.
• Up to 3.7 litres per minute production of ultra pure water.
• Integral, full flow 0.2 ΅m filter.
• Multi-Pass UV for the prevention of bacterial growth.
• UV protected dispensing port.
• Volumetric dispensing.
• Microprocessor controlled.
• Built-in drain basin.
• Easy cartridge replacement
• Meets or exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS Type I specifications.
• Meets Bio-Medical Grade Specification ASTM D5196.
• C.S.A. certified.
• One-year warranty – parts and labour.


The Gemini High Purity Loop can be used for a variety of applications and analytical processes, including
• Pharmaceuticals
• Semiconductors
• High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
• Tissue culture research
• Atomic absorption
• Fluorescence spectroscopy
• Mass Spectroscopy
• Micro-electronic part and circuit rinsing.
• Reagent grade chemical solution make-up water
• Gas chromatography
• Biotechnology
• Enzymology
• Biochemical assays
• Glassware rinsing
• Ultra pure water for trace metal analysis.


Flow Rate 1.0 GPM (3.7 litres per minute)
Dimensions (H × W × D) 24 in. × 28 in. × 19 in. (61 cm × 46 cm × 47 cm)
Connections 3/8" O.D. Tube
Electrical Requirements 120 VAC/ 60 Hz @ 1.0 amp
Weight 50 lbs dry / 55 lbs operating
(22.7 kg dry / 25 kg operating)
Inlet Water Requirements
Operating Temperature 37°C (100°F) maximum
Water Pressure 20-90 psig (1.4-6.2 bar)

Prices and Accessories

Item Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Gemini HP Loop
110 VAC, includes 2 High Purity Low TOC & 0.2΅ Filter GEMINI-1102 Request
220 VAC, includes 2 High Purity Low TOC & 0.2΅ Filter GEMINI-2202 Request
110 VAC, includes 2 High Purity Low TOC & 0.05΅ Filter GEMINI-1105 Request
110 VAC, includes 3 High Purity Low TOC, 0.05΅ UF GEMINI-110U Request
Wall mounting Bracket HPA-006 Request
Dispensing Gun and tubing kit HPA-001 Request
U.V. Combination for bacteria and TOC HPA-002 Request
In-Line Hollow Fiber 0.05 UF for bacteria and pyrogen removal PF-00-6505 Request
Sanitization kit (Recirc. Tank, sanitization fluid, Ph test kit, gloves and measuring cup) HPA-005 Request
Sanitization Refill kit (sanitization fluid, Ph test kit) HPA-009 Request
Cartridge Kit with (2) High purity Low TOC cartridges and (1) 0.2 µ Filter AFK-006 Request
Cartridge Kit with (3) High purity Low TOC cartridges and (1) 0.05 µ Filter AFK-008 Request
Gemini U.V. Bulb Replacement HPA-004 Request
Combination U.V. Bulb Replacement HPA-003 Request

Further information

Please contact us or refer to Gemini brochure for more details.

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