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R.O. Custom Design


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LabPure 150

Front View Rear View
Prefiltration Unit
Reverse Osmosis Unit
Item Catalogue Number Price, CA$
LabPure 150 LABPURE150 Request

Design Includes

Pressure regulator to maintain and regulate feed water pressure.
Automatic low pressure shut-off sensor for pump protection and blocked pre-filter indication.
Automatic feed water shut off solenoid valve to minimize water consumption.
Automatic pump shut off switch.
Booster pump to maintain constant R.O. membrane pressure.
All natural polypropylene lined 14 gallon pressure reservoir.
Preloaded with:
  a) 1m extruded carbon pre-filter for removal of particulates and organics;
  b) mixed bed, nuclear grade D.I. polishing cartridge;
  c) thin film composite (TFC) 150 GPD R.O. membranes;
  d) all fittings, gauges and tubing included.
PNP2-20 prefilter assembly with:
  a) housings, gauges, fittings;
  b) 5m or 3m gradient density prefilter;
  c) 1m final gradient density prefilter.


150 US gallon per day (GPD) capacity.
Self-contained and compact.
Virtually silent operation.
Operates on standard 115V/15Amp power socket.
Operates directly off a 30-70 PSI potable water supply.
Exceeds ASTM Type II and NCCLS/Cap II water specifications.
Ideal to replace older stills and R.O. systems.
Easy installation, low cost of maintenance.
One-year warranty – parts and labour.
Made in Canada.

Water Requirements

Cold city water ½" line with 30-70 PSI feed pressure terminated with a ½" NPTF ball valve connection.
Drain should be in close proximity.

Standard Expendables

Item Approximate Service Life Quantity Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Pre-Filter (1m, Extruded Carbon Block) 2-3 months 1 pack PF1C-10 Request
Post-Filter (Mixed Bed, Nuclear Grade 10" D.I 2-3 months 1 pack PC2000 Request
R.O. Membrane (Thin Filn Composite 150 GPD) 2-3 years 1 pack TFC 150 Request


Item Quantity Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Goosenet Laboratory Faucet - Deckmount Complete with needle valve for throttling 1 SC-FC-DA-15D Request
PURE D.I. Resistivity Meter
On demand, will indicate if pure water resistivity is 2MΩ or greater, with a digital display and alarm, field calibratable
1 AS-MON-1230K Request
Spun Wound - Gradient Density, 20", 5m 15 SCMF005-20 Request
Spun Wound - Gradient Density, 20", 1m 15 SCMF001-20 Request
Stand Mounted LabPure 150
PF2501-20 Pre-Filteration
D.I. Polisher
50 Gallon Reservoir with Low-Level Float Control
VFD Re-Pressurization Pump
1 SCSTMS1000 Request
Stand Mounted LabPure 150
PF2501-20 Pre-Filteration
D.I. Polisher
50 Gallon Reservoir with Low-Level Float Control
VFD Re-Pressurization Pump
Includes 5 GPM Continuous Duty Re-Circulation Pump
1 SCSTMS1001 Request
Myron L Resistivity Meter
Mounted with sensor, power cable and calibration
1 SCMLM100 Request
High Capacity D.I. Polishing System
For NCCLS/CAP I Water > 1 MΩ
High Capacity 4.5" × 20" Mixed Bed D.I. Cartridge
Wall Mounted
1 SCHCWMDIS-20 Request

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