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LabPure 500 EV

Design Includes

Inlet automatic diaphragm shut-off valve with flush.
Automatic low pressure shut-off sensor for pump protection and blocked pre-filter indication.
Re-pressurization pump for water pressure control to R.O. membranes;
Automatic feed water shut-off when reservoir is full.
Preloaded with:
a) 20" - 25 - 1m Spun Wound Gradient Density Pre-Treatment Filter;
b) 10" - 5m Pleated Sediment Filter;
c) 10" - 1m, Extruded Carbon Block Pre-Filter.
Two Thin Film Composite (TFC) 250 GPD R.O. membranes;
22 gallon airtight pressure reservoir tank:
a) All natural polypropylene lined bladder;
b) SS conduits;
c) Free standing.
A stand with industrial casters.

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Item Catalogue Number Price, CA$
LabPure 500 EV AS-LABPURE500EV Request


500 US gallon per day (GPD) capacity (1400mL/min at 110 PSI and 7-8C).
Operates on standard 115V/15Amp power socket.
Ideal to replace older stills and R.O. systems.
Easy installation, low cost of maintenance.
One-year warranty – parts and labour.
Made in Canada.

Water Requirements

Cold city water ½" line with 40-80 PSI feed pressure terminated with a ½" NPTF ball valve connection.
Water consumption is 2 US GPM.
Drain should be capable of handling 2 GPM.

Standard Expendables

Item Approximate Service Life Quantity Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Pre-Treatment Filter (1m, Spin Wound, Gradient Density) - 1 pack PF2501-20 Request
Pre-Filter (1m, Extruded Carbon Block) - 1 pack UT044 Request
Pre-Filter (5m, Pleated Sediment Filter) - 1 pack UT044E Request
Post-Filter (Mixed Bed, Nuclear Grade 20" D.I - 1 pack DI2-20 Request
Final Filter (0.22m, Sterile, Pharmaceutical Grade) - 1 pack ZEMSB020NNPS3 Request


Item Quantity Catalogue Number Price, CA$
190 Gallon Self-Standing Reservoir Tank
7" Vent Port
Low-Level Flow Switch Control
1" Bulkhead Feed Water Connection
1" Bulkhead Overflow
Valves, Fittings and Tubing
Overall Size: 31" Diameter × 80" Height
1 SCTC190 Request
Re-Pressurization Pump, 20 GPM 1 SCFS1012 Request
VFD Re-Pressurization Pump, 1-5 GPM 1 SCVFD1-3 Request
Re-Circulation Pump, 5 GPM, continuous duty. Other pumps are available. 1 SCGFS1005 Request

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