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Countertop R.O. Unit

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Countertop R.O. Unit

A reverse osmosis (R.O.) process is the removal of up to 99.9% of undesirable water contaminants by forcing untreated water through a semi-permeable membrane. Pressure forces the water to flow in the reverse direction to the direction of flow in natural osmosis.

We offer a fully portable 4-stage purification R.O. unit with the capacity of 100 gallon per day. SCCT-445P model is ideal for small offices (1 to 5 staff members) or households.


Tank level control allows the system to automatically shut off when the tank is full, thus saving water and extending the life of the R.O. membrane.
A booster pump ensures a reliable operation in areas with low water pressure (under 40 psi).
Easy-connect faucet adapter.
Membranes are 100% flushed, rinsed and tested for a minimum of two hours.

Nominal rejection rates (%) for typical R.O. units:

Aluminium 96-98 Hardness 90-95
Arsenic 94-96* Iron 97-98
Bacteria 99+ Lead 96-98
Barium 96-98 Magnesium 95-98
Cadmium 95-97 Manganese 94-96
Calcium 94-97 Mercury 95-97
Chlorine 90-95 Nitrate 92-95
Chloride 90-95 Phosphate 97-98
Copper 96-98 Silver 95-97
Cyanide 90-95 Sodium 94-98
Fluoride 93-95 Zinc 96-98

* For chlorinated feed water. For non-chlorinated feed water a rejection rate is 70-80%.


Parameters SCCT-445P
Pressure, min-max 10-100 psi
pH 3-11
Water temperature 40-110F (5-43C)
Pure water capacity (24 hours) 100 gallon
Recovery rate (TDS) 20-30%
Rejection rate (TDS) 97%
Storage capacity 1.25 gallon
Booster pump Yes
Tank level control Yes
Dimensions (W × D × H), in 11.5 × 11 × 14
Shipping weight 18 lbs. (8.2 kg)

Please refer to a SCCT-445P manual for installation and service details.


Please contact us for more information or click links below to send us a quotation request.

Model SCCT-445P
Price, CA$ Request

Replacement parts:

Part Service Life Catalogue No. Price, CA$
Sediment pre-filter 6-12 months SCFI-SED010S Request
Carbon pre-filter 6 months SCFI-CAB010S Request
R.O. membrane 2-3 years TFC100GPD Request
Carbon post-filter 6 months SCFI-CAB010S Request

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