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HomeRO 1440

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HomeRO 1440

HomeRO 1440 and 200 Gallon Reservoir R.O. Unit and Prefilters

Applications and Design

HomeRO purification system is designed to meet the pure water needs of homes, ranches or farms and provides efficient removal of chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, and organics that contribute to taste and odour. A complete unit includes R.O. membrane, R.O. system, prefilters, stand, 200 gallon reservoir and repressurization pump.


Pre-treatment system for the removal of iron, hardness, and particulates to 10m.


Compact and reliable.
Easy installation and operation.
Simple changeout of prefilter.
Low noise.
Corrosion free.
Runs on standard 115V/15Amp power outlet.


Water production of 1440 gallon per day (GPD), expandable to 2880 GPD.
Home flow rate of 12 GPM at 43 PSI.

Item Catalogue Number Description
HomeRO 1440 HMRO1440 Production up to 1440 GPD
HomeRO 2880 HMRO2880 Production up to 2880 GPD
1m Prefilter PF2501-20 Removes debris
Carbon Filter PFC-2 Removes chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, and organics
R.O. Membrane TFC-1440 Replacement cartridge
Pump Head SC1H300 Replacement
Pump Motor SCUT03634HP Replacement
Repressurization pump SCFS1012 Replacement

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