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Unix Cartridge Holder


The Unix System is a unique cartridge holder that uses quick-connect cartridges to effectively treat water and process fluids. Aries style cartridges are replaced in less than a minute without the use of any tools. The Unix is a modular, wall-mounted system that can be easily linked together with other Unix holders for staged filtration. A variety of cartridges are available to meet the individual application requirements. From drinking water to high purity, the Unix system and Aries cartridges provide a simple, easy, and reliable approach.


Quick-Connect cartridge replacement requires no tools.
Modular design for staged filtration.
Rugged painted steel frame.
Wall mounted.
Clean and easy installation.
Built-in channel hides inner-connecting tubing.
Down-flow and/or Up-flow applications.
Uses standard VP series disposable cartridges.


Light Commercial
Climate Control Chamber
OEM Equipment

Boiler Chemistry
Low Flow Make Up
Waste Water
Custom Water System


Construction Painted Carbon Steel
Plastic Parts Non-pigmented ABS
Spring Stainless steel
Mounting Wall mounted
Dimensions (H × W × D) 23" × 3.5" × 3.5"
Inlet / Outlet 1/4 tube fitting
Valve 1/4 mnpt x 1/4 tube
Maximum Pressure 30 PSI
Weight 5.5 lbs
Colour Beige

Prices and Accessories

Item Capacity Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Unix Holder
Spring Loaded Single Cartridge Holder for Vaponics Cartridge - UNIX-00 Request
VP Series Replacement Cartridges
Colour Changing High Purity Mixed Bed 1360 grains VP-17-4030 Request
High Purity Mixed Bed 1360 grains VP-17-4010 Request
Mixed Bed Low TOC 1360 grains VP-17-4011 Request
Activated Carbon 2000 gallons VP-17-1050 Request
Cation (Hydrogen Form) 3670 grains VP-17-3001 Request
Anion (Hydroxide Form) 2580 grains VP-17-3203 Request
Oxygen Removal 1980 ppm VP-17-3680 Request
Organics Removal 2000 gallons VP-17-4090 Request
High Purity Organics 2000 gallons / 490 grains VP-17-4205 Request
High Purity / Oxygen Removal 400 grains / 660 ppm VP-17-4200 Request
High Purity / Oxy Removal / Org. Removal 300 grains / 525 ppm VP-17-4301 Request
High Capacity 1590 grains VP-17-4203 Request
Softening 3635 grains VP-17-3000 Request
Two Bed Layered 1300 grains VP-17-4202 Request
Four Bed Layered 1300 grains VP-17-4402 Request
Condensate Feed Back (Organic Removal) 2000 gallons VP-17-4090-OR Request
Condensate Feed Back (Amine Removal) 3200 gallons VP-17-3001-AR Request
Condensate Feed Back (Demineralization) 1000 gallons VP-17-4010-DI Request
Carbon with 1 lb KDF 8000 gallons VP-17-2001 Request

Further information

Please contact us or refer to Unix brochure for more details.

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