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Vega 120/180 Series


The Vega Series is a simple deionization system for on-demand service eliminating the need for storage or purchase of deionized water. The Vega 120 and 180 are floor mounted with casters for ease of mobility. Then Vega 120 is a single housing unit while the Vega 180 uses two (2) housings in series. Units come with resin packs, water quality light and outlet isolation valve. High purity models come equipped with a 200,000 Ohm quality light. High capacity models utilize a 20,000 Ohm indicator.


Simple down-flow design.
Resin packs available in a high purity, high capacity, or softening configuration.
Red/Green quality light indicates cartridge change-out (quality light not included with softening model).
Mounted on casters for mobility.
3/8 tubing and outlet isolation valve provided.
PVC housing for non-corrosive construction.
Pressure regulator, pre- and post-filters available upon request.


  Vega 120 Vega 180
Inlet Connection 3/8" Tube 3/8" Tube
Outlet Connection 3/8" Hose Barb 3/8" Hose Barb
Pressure, max. 50 psi 50 psi
Temperature, max. 110F (43C) 110F (43C)
Resin volume 0.5 ft³ 1.0 ft³
Capacity, Total Grains    
    Cation-Na Form 21,000 42,000
    High Purity 7,500 15,000
    High Capacity 9,000 18,000
Flow rate, max 120 GPH (2.0 GPM) 240 GPH (4.0 GPM)
Dimensions (H × W D) 36" × 11" × 9" 41" × 19" × 13"

Prices and Accessories

Item Catalogue Number Price, CA$
Vega 120/180 Deionization Systems
Vega 120 High Purity System Vega-120-HP Request
Vega 120 High Capacity System Vega-120-HC Request
Vega 120 Softening System Vega-120-NA Request
Vega 180 High Purity System Vega-180-HP Request
Vega 180 High Capacity System Vega-180-HC Request
Vega 180 Softening System Vega-180-NA Request
Vega Replacement Packs
Vega 120 High Purity Replacement Pack HC-43-4010 Request
Vega 120 High Capacity Replacement Pack HC-43-4020 Request
Vega 120 Softening Replacement Pack HC-43-3000 Request
Vega 180 High Purity Replacement Pack HC-44-4010 Request
Vega 180 High Capacity Replacement Pack HC-44-4020 Request
Vega 180 Softening Replacement Pack HC-44-3000 Request

Further information

Please contact us or refer to Vega 120/180 series brochure for more details.

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