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VLT Cartridge Holder

Design and Features

For operation up to 150 psig.
Flow rate 60 gallons per hour.
Holder constructed of 304 stainless steel, head of tinned bronze or PVC.
Head and chamber held together by means of easily removable clamp with single toggle bolt and handle. Eliminates need for wing nut connections.
Clamp arrangements permits easy removal of cartridge.
For applications operating under line pressures, such as humidifiers, environmental chambers, purification loops, condensate feedback systems, glassware washers, etc.
Light indicator to indicate when cartridge requires changing can be supplied as optional item.
Dimensions: 5" dia. × 21" high.
Shipping weight: 14 lbs.

Prices and Accessories

Item Catalogue Number Price, CA$
VLT Single Cartridge Holder with PVC Head, 3/8" FNPT Top I/O VLT-2P Request
VLT Single Cartridge Holder with Bronze Head, 3/8" FNPT Top I/O VLT-2B Request
VLT Single Cartridge Holder with Stainless Steel Head, 3/8" FNPT Top I/O VLT-2S Request

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